Time to celebrate!

MTBcamps congratulates Greete Steinburg! Best female cyclist of the year (Estonia)! We know how hard you worked in the winter ;) Well deserved!
The preseason is important part of the results in the summer, in the northern countries it is often quite hard to make a good preparation, that’s why many find some weeks to train more south. MTBcamps is happy to have been part of Greete´s preseason (Estonian champion xcm ´17), also Martin Loo (Estonian champion xco, xcm, cx ´17) did his winter preparation here, as well as Noora Kanerva (Finnish champion xco, xce ´17). Congrats to everyone!
We have great conditions for mountain bikers (from xc riders to dh riders), but as well for roadies and tracks riders.

We love to ride a bike!

Greete Steinuburg and Noora Kanerva enjoying mountain biking


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