Our team

Friends who love to ride a bike!

The idea of making mountain bike holidays here in Portugal came from the joy of riding. We are group of friends who love to ride a bike!

Estonian, who fell in love with the bike trails in Portugal. Loves to ride a bike, any bike, at the moment also fully racing, at national level climbs podiums every weekend, whether it is road racing, mountain bike marathons, xco, enduro or even dh. Loves to ride a bike!

Portuguese, enduro and dh rider, has loads of skill on the bike. Great teacher to have when learning new techniques on the bike. Goingbike bicycle store owner. Always fun to ride with and speaks perfect English and is a genius fixing the hardest problems on your bike!

Portuguese, riding mostly his dh bike, but also dirt bikes. A typical laid back Portuguese always ready to make a joke, although sometimes its lost in the translation, I suggest you to learn your Portuguese or make your French sound it that way. Bike mechanic, so never in trouble out on the trails with him.

Portuguese, racing on road, but also doing mountain biking. As always loves to introduce Portugal and its traditions and culture, you learn a lot with him as a guide. Knows everything about road racing and how to prepare for the races.


Portuguese young gun, ready to take on the challenges, what lacks in experience is made up by eager enthusiasm. Always ready to have fun and ride technical tracks, as formed xco and enduro racer knows what makes biking fun.